2015-12-27 Aus Von christiankohl

Perfection is what I always strive to achieve. Of course. Naturally. So far, it’s pretty close to it. I may have found the nearly ideal flight times etc to nz. I cannot recall ever having stepped off a 24+ hour flight(s) feeling so relaxed. Easy. The warm and sunny Auckland weather with a light breeze certainly helped. ☺ Got through immigration and bio security in minutes, picked up a sim card, our car and we were on our way North. I was a bit worried about getting into heavy traffic but Auckland was empty and we got to stunning Waipu Cove without any hiccups. Easy. The cottage is very new, very clean, towels, of course, lots of birds and beach beach beach with nice breakers all around. ☺ Can’t think of a better way to spend the first days and get over the jet lag. ☺ Easy. Found a nice cafe in Mangawhai, Bennett’s. Nice sweets, nice salads, nice real fruit ice-cream. The Waipu Cove cafe/restaurant
is only average, I’m afraid – great location, nice people. The food was ok, but not outstanding. Overpriced. But very convenient and that’s what counts.

Today we’re off North to Russell. Easy. But first, breakfast. 25 degrees, sunny. Over and out.