Headed for the ocean

2015-12-28 Aus Von christiankohl

Today, we’ll have a full day of sailing ahead of us. Small boat, no crowds, get away from the Bay of Islands hordes. ☺ Wrestling with sea snakes, sharks, and giant octopus 🐙.

The weather is still extremely brilliant, nothing to complain about, even for Germans.

I’m still enchanted by the flight experience we had coming over. I mean, it’s amazing how Singapore Airlines delivers excellent service in economy, their product and service is light-years ahead of what other airlines deliver even in higher booking classes. I like that. The perfect combination was: late flight from TXL to FRA, night flight from FRA to SIN, 4,5 hrs layover to chill out in the butterfly garden at Changi, then another night flight to AKL. A380 is so much better than the older planes, hard to describe, you really won’t believe it until you’ve experienced it yourself. Get to AKL shortly before lunch time, easy drive for two hours, get some ice cream, hit the beach in the late afternoon. The best way to combat jet lag is ice cream plus beach. ☺

Yesterday’s breakfast was very much fantastic, I highly recommend the Nectar Cafe in Whangarei. Good stuff!

Now, off to the boat and see how much damage we can do! Cheerio.

P. S. Staying at wainui Lodge, near Russell. Very nice, comfortable, friendly. Have lost several liters of blood to the mozzies already though, maybe it would be a good investment to put flyscreens on all of the windows? Just sayin’…