So what about Nelson Lakes National Park?

2016-01-14 Aus Von christiankohl

You might wonder, what the fuck are they doing in the Abel Tasman? We’ve been trying hard to secure a date with Nelson Lakes National Park, especially with the Angelus Hut, but the forecast for the last ten days was mainly shit. So we kinda circled the park, but whenever we checked, the weather in the park wasn’t too good. So we did all those other fantastic stuff, the Kaikoura Coast Track, the Nydia Track, and now Abel Tasman. Nelson Lakes will just have to wait till next time. Please don’t run away, ya hear me?

Ah, and one other thing. I have received one complaint that I’m using too many fucking expletives. Well, this is my fucking blog and if you don’t fucking like it take your fucking arse elsewhere and fuck off. We good? We better be. Took me a long time to make my autocompletion finally accept all these words. ☺ Cheerio!