Hello Singapore, again, pt II

2016-03-01 Aus Von christiankohl

Singapore was nice, as usual. We returned to stay at the Parkroyal on Pickering hotel, only that I’d managed to get a junior suite this time. I think I’ve raved about this wonderful hotel enough already last May, so I’ll keep it short and simple: perfect. Building, staff, room, food, atmosphere, 10 out of 10, the lot. We did some more food exploring, returned to the little vegetarian place in Temple St and were once again mind blown on the quality of their food and their friendliness. It was quite funny being the only non-Chinese customers, definitely more fun and more authentic than white tablecloth and 15 page winelists. We found an art gallery centered on skateboarding, which was closed but the security guy let us in nevertheless, very kind and thank you very much. All in all, we kinda developed the perfect rhythm of visiting a museum or food court during the brief but intense showers and strolling around the city whilst it was dry outside. The Asian Civilizations Museum was quite interesting, but the highlight for me though was the Science Museum with one exhibition on Nobel Prize winners over the last million years and, tada, the LHC exhibition. Captivating, informative, fun. So geht Museum heute, but the Germans will never learn. For the Germans, the most important thing about a museum is the policing: you need lots of arrogant, former concentration camp wardens who deal with visitors in the most gruff, unfriendly manner possible. And there’s millions of those guys in Germany, believe me. „Ich bin nix, ich kann nix, gebt mir eine Uniform.“ Und wenn es nur Museumswächter ist. Anyway, back to Singapore, great climate, great food, great architecture, friendly people. We found another very nice food centre at Newton and performed our ritual of getting lots of strange food before getting on a 13hr flight. I have a fear that one day I’ll make the news because I’ll be the first person to cause an emergency landing because of excessive farting. 😁

The flight was long, very long, more than 13hrs in fact. But A380 still rules, even in economy, although I was really glad to get off the plane at Frankfurt. Arriving at Frankfurt is always disgusting. All those former concentration camps wardens that didn’t land one of the museum jobs work here for security and border police. While staff in Berlin has no problem with saying good morning, this is already considered a criminal offense in Frankfurt. Well, you will all die of indigestion one day, I think. A short haul on Lufthansa later we arrived in Berlin, as did most of our luggage with the exception of Harald. Apparently, the staff at Frankfurt is not just unfriendly but also incompetent. Well, at least LH delivered him to my door two days later, unharmed. But he just have felt very cold and lonely these two days, poor thing. Good to know that he’s back in the warm basement now. ☺