The far East

2016-12-23 Aus Von christiankohl

Believe it or not, flying First seems to be the best means to counter jetlag I’ve found so far. A shame that I can’t afford it usually. But where do I start? BA managed not to mess up my flight this time. That alone is a small miracle. And the cabin crew was very friendly, also not always the case. I liked the New First on the Dreamliner, the food was also very good. But they damaged our suitcase this time, looks like this airline is simply incapable of getting the job done properly from end to end. Anyway, we got to NRT on Wednesday morning, took the train into Tokyo and then headed to our hotel in Tokyo Bay on the scenic monorail across the Rainbow Bridge. It’s end of December, sunny, 17 degrees. Crazy, that’s the upside of climate change, I guess. ☺
I won’t complain, the weather couldn’t have been better, very warm and sunny, we had a great time exploring some of the gardens and streets. Compared to my last visit many thousand years ago I was almost disappointed because the challenge was gone, all signs and announcements are also in English these days… gone are the days where I stood in front of some sign comparing Kanji characters and looking extremely helpless. 😁 no, seriously, it’s really easy to navigate and get around these days, me likes.