Land of the rising Son

2016-12-26 Aus Von christiankohl

We took advantage of the brilliant weather in Tokyo and spent a lot of time in the various gardens. There’s a ton of them and while a lot of things had already settled down for winter, maple leaves still gave off a beautiful glow in the winter sun. Lovely, they definitely know how to do gardens. And they know how to do clean, clean and big city, Berlin, you hear me? Probably not, because Berlin never listens, just wallows in its own filth. We also spotted tree huggers but at least there was no obvious sexual thing going on this time between hippie and tree.

Besides gardens, architecture, food, and clean, the Japanese definitely know how to do trains. Hell yeah. We took the Shinkansen to Kyoto and back. What a blast. Superfast. Superclean. Superquiet. Superpunctual. Superspacious. Super, super, super. Also the train stations, supertrainstations. Kyoto station, beautiful architecture and everything is superwellsignposted supereverywhere. I’m in love.  😍
And a bit sad at the same time, when I compare it to the poor and embarrassing state in Germany. I guess one of the first people against the wall when the revolution comes will be, well, any transport minister since the 1990s and Hartmut Mehdorn.
The amount of space you have in economy on these trains, unbelievable. And did I mention clean and on time, always?
That goes for the other trains as well, we rode so many subways, regional trains, express trains etc and they were always on time. And even crowds behave much much better than in Europe. It’s still a shitload of people but everybody tries to behave at least. Not like London where it’s a fight for life and death during rush hour on central or northern line. ☠

But what I found most impressive was the quiet, talking on the phone only happens between carriages and all conversations are conducted in a low voice. Just like that the whole journey is very relaxing for everybody all of a sudden. Maybe I should bring a samurai sword for my next ride with Doitsche Bahn and just start „teaching“ people, harharhar.

Anyway, fuck all that. Kyoto is a very pretty and interesting place. More in my next post, just landed in Sydney, 31 degrees and sunny. ☀ ⛱ 😊