Port Sorell

2017-01-14 Aus Von christiankohl

We decided to take a little detour on purpose and take the southern route because that provided an excuse to stop by the beloved Eureka Farm again. Soooo delicious, again and again. I’m still heartbroken that I probably won’t be going there ever again. 😔

We also made another pitstop at St Mary’s and then set off towards the West. I wanted to see Mathinna Falls but the gravel road got worse and worse and I had to turn back a couple of hundred meters before our goal, I didn’t want to risk killing the 2WD car…

On the way North we stopped at the Christmas Hills raspberry farm, which is gigantic and so unlike Eureka. Nice, but not super exciting, unfortunately. The raspberry fizz was nice though. We reached Tranquilles B&B very early afternoon, it’s a beautiful thing, very friendly hosts, very comfortable rooms. And super protruding bed posts, my shin now has another scar because I kept hitting the fucking thing whenever walking past. The second B here was at least cooked, although still disappointing because very unimaginative. The whole affair kinda lacked the love, it’s hard to say specifically, but all this ready made, tiny plastic containers inferno just don’t does it for me. I’ve seen and had better, this again was very American motel style. But still ok, not bad, don’t get me wrong.

We enjoyed a nice walk along the long beach with beautiful views of Narawntapu National Park across the Rubicon. Yes, you read this correctly, we actually crossed the Rubicon, four times to be precise. No casualties. Next day, we went to explore Narawntapu which btw noone in Tasmania knows how to pronounce. I asked the locals and got three or four different varieties, I’ll stick with the Polynesian pronunciation in my head, although it’s probably wrong, because the Aborigines weren’t Polynesians. But then the Aussies don’t care about the Aborigines anyway. In any case, Narawntapu is the place to go to see cute furry animals, gazillions of kangaroos, wallabies, and pademelons around! Nice walking and beaches, too, and more than a couple of snakes. And flies, millions of flies.

On one day, we also drove into Devonport for lunch, Laneway cafe is well hidden, but worth looking for! I had lots of beans and activated them shortly after. 😁 Apart from that, just another unremarkable city, but we’re not interested in cities anyway. We also explored a couple of the places on the „foodie trail“ but most of them aren’t worth the effort. Especially the chocolate thing, house of anvers, nothing to write home about. But we greatly enjoyed the Friday evening market at the surf club in Port Sorell, nice produce, cool atmosphere, we picked up a fantastic apple-boysenberry crumble, yuuuuuuummmmmmy!

Next stop: Mole Creek, the jump off for Walls of Jerusalem NP.