Gay Australia

2017-01-18 Aus Von christiankohl

I’ve shed some light on gay living in Oz in my posts from our QLD and NT trip in 2015 already. But here in Tassie they’re taking it to a whole new level. And I’m glad to see that the society has evolved and progressed so far! The latest thing in the Tassie gay community are so called grooming parties. Sounds harmless, but, oh boy, I tell ya, even hardened (no pun intended) Reizbar visitors would blanche. What happens is this: some guys set the time and location and word is spread via the usual hangouts: garages, fuel stations, outdoor and hunting shops, grindr (look for Gaytime Bartbruder Tassie). When the time comes, a bunch of manly blokes drive to a remote campsite in the woods in their 4x4s. One of then will have an Esky full of Gaytime ice cream. (and yes, the flavor sets the scene for what happens after, but I’m not at liberty to go into details here – what happens in Tassie, stays in Tassie) Everybody will enjoy their ice cream, afterwards they will start grooming each other’s beards, and not just the facial ones. And then it spins out of control, leaving a lot of animals very disturbed at the end of the night. Manliness, the great outdoors, 4x4s, beards, Gaytime ice cream. Love Tasmania! 😍