2017-01-21 Aus Von christiankohl

Corinna is in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the Tarkine, an area full of beautiful temperate rainforest, rivers, and wild wild coastline. Corinna used to be a logging town, and has now been converted into a low key eco wilderness thing. We had a fantastic cabin, superclean, superspacious, with windows right on the edge of the forest. And we chose to spend a couple of days in the area. No cell reception, no TV, no Internet. ☺ Just wonderful hikes to enjoy, for example up to and along the Savage River (which is really peaceful) and then up to Mt Donaldson, or along the Whyte River. We also cruised the Pieman River down to the Pieman Heads and scrambled along the dunes and coast, enjoying the angry sea battering against the rocks. Dinner at the local hotel wasn’t much to write home about, pretty bland, and the Reisebegleitung’s salmon had spent a bit too much time under the heat. If they’d used that time to remove the fishbones instead, that would have been appreciated. :-/ But we didn’t come there to dine, it’s a fantastic place with superfriendly people in a wonderful environment. Pademelons, Echidnas, Possums, Wallabies, birds galore… . Too bad it’ll all go to hell once the mining companies that are already exploring the area find what they’re looking for. 😔

Next stop: Lake St Clair.