Some ruminations on Tassie cuisine

2017-01-21 Aus Von christiankohl

One thing I found rather disappointing was the food in Tassie. All the advertisements and the big words, but at the end of the day you get chips and wedges as a vegetarian. Seafood is usually top notch everywhere, meat already more problematic because a lot of the chefs apparently lack the skills to prepare it properly. There are exceptions of course, we found some true gems, but overall I’d expected more, especially given the hype that’s drummed up by the marketing folks. Also, what struck me, is that a lot of restaurants are trying to punch above their weight (and losing). Quite often you get fancy sounding names on menus, high prices, but only run of the mill pub food at the end. There’s nothing wrong with pubfood, but it’s not ok to charge the same as a fine dining establishment just because you’re using tablecloths…

We had some really nice pub and cafe meals, but we also had some disappointing experiences. Hobart especially is more talk than rock. But who cares as long as there’s ice cream and berries! 😁