Lake St Clair National Park

2017-01-22 Aus Von christiankohl

We got lucky with the weather, again. After a nice leg stretcher halfway round the lake we took advantage of the brilliant weather and did the Mt Rufus Circuit the next day. What can I say, best hike of this trip! Not particularly exhausting, but wonderful views to all sides and great stretches of wildflowers in full bloom. Magnificent! We also crossed a boggy section and I finally got baptized in Tasmanian mud for good, up to the hip. 😁 I looked like some monster character out of a shitty video game. But mud bathing is healthy, or so they say, so good onion.

We tried dinner at the hotel at derwent bridge, the food was OK, but too expensive – except for the dessert, that was top notch!

On the road to Lake St Clair and from thereon towards Hobart we also saw an increasing number of ‚plague vehicles‘, id est campervans. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I despise campervans, but I can’t repeat it often enough: I fucking hate campervans. They should all be shot. Worst of the lot is of course ‚wicked camoers‘, very sad to say that they are appearing on Tassie as well. 😔 They’re just like the plague, despoiling everything in their wake, always looking for a free ride. And they fucking can’t drive.

In general though, the driving is really easy and relaxed, very little traffic, and the distances aren’t that big either. If only I could get a rental car with a top mounted cannon or rockets to blow the camper vans off the road.

Next stop: Mt Field National Park.