Random rants and ramblings, pt I

2017-08-07 Aus Von christiankohl

I rarely go to concerts these days. To many smokers around. The smoke itself is bad enough, just makes me feel sick. But the real problem is the aggression inside me. I have to stay away from these people because I have good reasons to assume that rather sooner than later I won’t be able to control myself and BEAT THEM TO A BLOODY PULP. I admit that I often have these images in my head and I’m going through the scenes in slomo, that’s when I usually leave the building before it becomes reality. While it would be a) justified, b) fun, and c) make the world a better place if I beat the living daylights out of a motherfucking smoker, it would also d) land me in jail. Which I would very much like to avoid. But if anybode invented a virus that killed all smokers, I’d be happy to help spread it. Fuck you. So, that is one of the reasons I don’t go to too many concerts these days. The second reason is security or rather the amateurish security a lot of the bigger locations have and the resulting wait times. Fuck you, I’m not paying 70 Euros to stand in line for an hour. The third reason is the dysbalance between price and quality. If you charge a shitload of money for the show, you’d better get a fucking decent PA at least. Of course you can try and use the one that served you so well for all your birthday parties where all of your two friends that showed up always confirmed that the sound is great. But that doesn’t work for a room that’s slightly bigger than your bedroom, you fucking idiot. Argh!

So, enough of that. I enjoy this time of year. Lots of berries around, ice cream, sometimes even a bit of sunshine in between the torrential rains. 😀 Trying to break in my new hiking boots before our long distance hike in Spain in September, which itself is just a rehearsal for some of the hikes we’ve planned in NZ in January/February next year. Life is good. 🙂

Btw, Google is broken again, adding images to the blogpost not working, again. Come on guys, this is hard to believe. What the fuck are you doing? Tell your bloody AI to fix it already.