Frankfurt Bookfair 2017

2017-10-19 Aus Von christiankohl

Home of the Nazis. Well, not unexpected really, since the Börsenverein is happy to take the money from disgusting publishers like Kopp Verlag. Good to know that the guest of honour 2018 will be „Deutsches Reich“, as the new bookfair director Joseph. B. Höcke has recently announced.

In my bookfair microcosmos, I only became aware of all this the Monday after though. I had a wonderful fair, the weather was so nice and made everything really, really relaxed. Met lots of nice and interesting people over three days, fantastic food, old and new friends. Plus my panel about AI in Publishing on the Friday afternoon worked really well – capacity crowd, standing room only. 🙂

OECD reception:

Dinner at Medici and Sardegna:

The usual poor, embarassing performance of Frankfurt Bookfair – no credit cards accepted, a website from the stone age, marketing for events not happening … so still way to go, guys. We’ll see whether they ever make it into the 21st century. I’m doubtful.

Old friends from Japan – how very nice to meet you again! 🙂