Fuck the new year

2018-01-03 Aus Von christiankohl

Ich hasse Sylvester, I fucking hate new year’s eve. Disgusting. There’s so many reasons to hate this day, the Internet would run out of space if I’d write ‚em all down.

But there’s always things to enjoy and look forward to as well. Although their number steadily decreases, I can feel my physical decay, I’m a useless piece of shit, out of shape. More and more I find myself wondering why. Why do I bother do to anything? I mean, I will be dead in 1-40 years time and does it really matter whether I die next month or in 40 years time? The longer you live, the longer you have to put up with the bullshit all around you. I hope that was a quite sufficiently negative start to 2018 for y’all.

Now for the good things. Wooster is still the cutest being on the planet. No doubt, I got proof, see below. And it’s only 10 days until our vacation starts and we’re off to New Zealand, the land of great tourism marketing where image and reality continue to drift apart which each year of too many people for the outdated infrastructure, dead rivers, extinguished native species, huge swathes of land and sea handed over to big ag, big fonterra, big fish, and big oil for nothing. So we’ll enjoy it while it lasts, won’t be much longer, I’m afraid. Getting negative again, I’m afraid. What else am I looking forward to? London and Brighton over Easter with a Ned’s Atomic Dustbin concert as highlight. Unfortunately I also have to visit the US twice next year, but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. On the positive, I’ll spend some days hiking in Canada before flying to SSP in Chicago. Canada, another country where public image and reality are not really congruent. They do the same shit as the rest but sell it in a much nicer way. 😉

Also can’t hide the fact that I’m hating Berlin more and more. Pathetic city, a magnet for all kind of losers. Well, that’s the reason why I’m here, too, I guess. 😀

Anyway, here’s some Wooster pics, fuck the new year, love the old dog!