Scandinavian fuck-ups

2018-01-15 Aus Von christiankohl

So, first leg from TXL to ARN. Easy, right? We had a „SAS Plus“ ticket, what they think is business class 😀 … and arrived in Stockholm on time last night. What didn’t arrive, however, was our bag. It had been left on purpose (!) in TXL because apparently there wasn’t enough room in the hold. Great policy, SAS, when out of space leave behind the luggage of those passengers who paid the most. Makes total sense. Well, I can tell you, it’s going to be veeeery expensive for SAS. It probably would have been cheaper if they had chartered a jet and flown it in overnight. But at least we both will have two sets of hiking gear by the end of the trip! 🙂

This won’t stop me from relaxing though, currently chilling in the rather basic lounge and then off to AKL via SIN in an hour, SIA C isn’t the worst way to travel. 🙂