Back to Queenstown

2018-01-27 Aus Von christiankohl

On Sunday evening I managed to find accommodation for two nights near Queenstown, in Shotover Country. I also had to call the folks at Trips and Tramps to let them know we need to cancel our pre-booked track transport for the Hollyford Track, which we had wanted to do Mon-Wed … . So I phone them, he asks why, I explain it, and he is really pissed off as well at Menzies. Even offers to move our transport to a later date, but this unfortunately doesn’t work for us, because we have some non-refundable things booked for later this week. So in the end he actually refunds us even though he didn’t have to – and I did neither ask for it nor expect it. I nearly cried. So many kind, friendly, and helpful people.  Can’t let the few shitheads at M’s ruin your holidays! 🙂 So we drive to ZQN, get to the airport and see that the flight is 45 mins delayed. Nevermind, there’s a great food trailer right outside the airport serving great stuff and there’s a Patagonia Chocolates stall inside doing a nice chili hot choc. So all good, flight arrives eventually, we go to the baggae reclaim, and … nothing. Disappointed, we walk over to the Air NZ service desk and behold, there it is. The bag. Finally. Heim ins Reich. Re-United.