The Catlins, reprise

2018-01-31 Aus Von christiankohl

So, it’s the Catlins once again, an area I’ve first travelled to and through 14 years ago. Back then, all the roads were gravel and there weren’t too many people around. I’ve been back twice since and the main road is sealed (fortunately side roads are not) and there’s a lot more people now. But still a relavtively remote corner. We drove down to Surat Bay and stayed at the lodge I’d stayed at many years ago. New ownership, but nothing much changed. Right on the beach, sea lions in front of your bedroom window. Went for a nice walk along the beach at low tide, all the way to Cannibal Bay and back. We had to walk zigzags around the many sea lions chilling out in the sand and even saw one young lion. Beautiful animals. I would like to bring one as pet and companion for Wooster!
Next day, we did the Wisp-Catlins River loop track, 24+km, the second half quite undulating along the river. Again, a wonderful hike, we were the only people around, lots of birds and bees and flowers and trees. And a great lunch break spot on some stones in the middle of the river – but only because it was so dry, I guess. Otherwise, wet arse galore.

Two nice cafés as well, the good old Niagara Falls Cafe and the relatively new one in Owaka opposite the Four Square.