Ohope Beach / Whakatane

2018-02-12 Aus Von christiankohl

Fourth time we come to this wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, quiet, relaxed, marvelous, paradisical spot. Probably fair to say that this is our favorite place in NZ. I’ve written about Ohope so many times, so I won’t repeat myself. 11km of wonderful, almost empty, sandy beach. Nice surf. Great food. Lovely ice cream. Berry orchards. Macadamia orchards. Running along the beach. Surfing. Body Boarding. Chilling out. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. And some nice walking tracks. And very friendly people. And no bus crowds. That is probably the thing that still surprises me, in a positive way. Apparently, Whakatane/Ohope is just far enough off the beaten track so that the big tour buses don’t come here. Bliss! Of course, we paid many, many visits to our favorite berry and ice cream dealer, The Blueberry Corner. 🙂 And we stayed at Surfs Reach Motel again, which was every bit as nice and welcoming and perfectly situated right on the beach as two years ago. The ice cream at The Quay was also very nice. The weather wasn’t too great, lots of rain, but since it was still very warm, we nevertheless enjoyed the beach and I was able to catch some nice waves today, too.

On Saturday, we went to see a local movie, „Broken“, at the local cinema. This cinema is fucking great! You can get fucking Belgian waffels with chocolate souce, strawberries, ice cream, and cream and take it into the cinema! And real fruit ice cream too! This is paradise! 😀 „Broken“ was interesting, only two things to criticise: a) not enough violence, I had hoped for more reading the description, and b) too much Church/Christian bullshit at the end. Instead of fucking R or X ratings for „foul language“ or „violence“ they should have a rating and warning for religious bullshit content. Well, whatever, still enjoyable.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Piha Beach for our last night in NZ before flying to Singapore on Wednesday. There might be a few ice creams waiting for me on the road. 🙂