Leaving NZ

2018-02-16 Aus Von christiankohl

I’ve already fallen behind again, but rest assured, you haven’t missed too much. After four very nice days in Ohope, we drove across the Island to spend our last night in Piha. I still remember very fondly the beach and the waves I was enjoying a few years ago together with my faithful Harald, his sleek and slender body carrying me across the surf at high speed. 😁

Well, anyway. Unfortunately, the night was short for me, not a single minute of sleep, since the room was infested by super aggressive mozzies. Bathroom as well. I killed many, but couldn’t stem the tide. Felt a bit like ‚Nam back in the days, Hamburger Hill.

Didn’t matter too much though, only had 40km to drive to the airport, and afterwards, nothing. I really enjoy Singapore Airlines C product, this time on the A380, the widest seats I’ve ever seen and managed to get a few hours of sleep before reaching Singapore on Wednesday evening. Also managed to watch Geostorm, what a shitty movie but just perfect for on the plane! ☺ 😁