I understand that time is running out

2018-09-25 Aus Von christiankohl

Let’s make not the same mistakes folks did back in the 30s … . Don’t put up false hopes, things are not going to get better, they will only get worse. And the majority of Germans has a racist, fascist, and violent past, they were raised that way, and they will act that way. Don’t fool yourselves with hoping that the „middle“ or the „bourgeoisie“ will gain ground again and continue the good old „Kapitalismus mit menschlichem Anlitz“. That’s not going to happen. Because fascism is the same as capitalism, it’s the natural state it converges to when things get tougher. The years between 1950 – ca 2000 have been an exception, because of post-war boom and the existence of a credible alternative. Those days are gone forever and war is necessary for profits and companies to „rejuvenate“ themselves. And war does not always mean physical conflict either, there’s trade war and cyberwar, for example. And let’s not forget that the first thing that Germany did as soon as they had annexed the GDR was wage war on Yugoslavia, specifically Serbia, immediately back to their old expansionist policies. The second thing they did was escalate the trade and fiscal war, using the EU and the Euro to suck poorer countries dry, especially Greece. So this is the „menschliches Antlitz“, the „nice face of capitalism“ – it’s not occupation troops and concentration camps, this time it’s Telekom, Siemens, Lidl etc. taking over the economies on those countries at the same time as they become fiscally indentured to Germany. Well, and another kind of camps exist, in Northern Africa for example, to defend the „Fortress Europe“ … .

Disgusting, is it? And it’s the same elsewhere … look at the US … yes, Trump is obnoxious, openly racist, sexist, homophobic etc. But Obama was no saint, he was also a nice face of capitalism, pushing through his neoliberal agenda, but in a nice way. And with drones. Lots of drones. So, yes, if you make Trump go away some things will improve, but not significantly. You will still have no job or work three shit jobs simultaeneously, but at least you won’t be insulted and persecuted because of your sexual orientation or the colour of your skin.

For my part, I’ve started to get ready some years ago, if shit hits the fan in Germany I’m outta here. Sorry, no resistance for me here, resistance is futile if the vast majority actually agrees with the obscenities. And as long as the vegan latte keeps flowing, they will, they will.