Berlin beaches …

2018-10-08 Aus Von christiankohl

Well, sometimes life is full of surprises. We were hiking around the Berlin „Speckgürtel“ the other weekend and stumbled upon the beautiful „Habermannsee“. What a nice place!
I think I’m going to write to Lonely Planet so they can put it in their guidebook and next year hordes of people can „discover“ this new party place and fuck it up, like the rest. Probably wouldn’t happen, because the people of Kaulsdorf seem to have a shitload of money judging by the look of the mansions and the cars there, so they can buy off the police to actually do something about it. Probably have a superfascist Bürgerwehr, too, anyway. Nevermind, it’s a beautiful area, easy to reach from central Berlin, with some nice walks for the dog left and right. Only downside is, way too many cyclists. 😉 Wooster enjoyed it A LOT! 🙂 And I regretted not bringing my camera, so these are just stupid smartphone pics, would’ve really been useful to have a proper lense and sensor here. Well, you can’t have it all I guess.