Australia 2019, pt IV

2019-03-10 Aus Von christiankohl

Using Roman numerals in the headlines makes it so sophisticated, don’t you think? I do have an university degree, after all.

Torndirrup NP was a blast! Wonderful walk from the car park to „Bald Head“ and back, mostly along the ridge of the „Isthmus“, with stunning views of the coastline and cliffs left and right. Well worth the effort. Back in town just in time for a nice pizza at Little Italy and to admire the Fields of Light: Avenue of Honour installation in the ANZAC memorial park. Well done, wonderful atmosphere.

Next day, another pit stop at Handasydes to stock up on Strawberries and then further West to Denmark, only a short drive away. Denmark is a small town surrounded by wonderful scenery. So much to see and do. Top of the list was William Bay NP and it did not disappoint! Great hiking from Lights Beach to Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool, which also proved to be an excellent sunset spot. So was Lights Beach btw. Lots of birds and roos about, too. Ocean Beach was also impressive. And to our great surprise, we found some excellent cheese at the Denmark Cheese Farmhouse on Scotsdale Rd. In general, lots of good eating in Denmark, Raven’s Coffee comes to mind and also the lovely Mrs Jones Cafe. Great food, nice people. We stayed at „The Floating Forest“ which is highly recommendable – quiet, clean, comfortable, in the forest but also close to town. Unfortunately we could only stay for three days because I had misjudged the popularity of the South West region for the long (Labour Day) weekend – Saturday to Monday was fully booked everywhere.

In order: 1) Wonderful lunch at Mrs Jones, 2) Joey meets Da Beastmaster, 3) Penis plants, 4) Delicious dinner served and prepared by the equally delicious Reisebegleitung, 5) Shakshuka breakfast at Mrs Jones, 6) Two Peoples Bay, 7) Bald Head Torndirrup NP, 8ff various other photos you can surely interpret yourselves because I’m too tired to finish.