Australia 2019, part V

2019-03-14 Aus Von christiankohl

It’s way easier to write this on the phone. So I’ll write first and post pictures later, like in ten years. 😁

Was bekommt man, wenn ein Emu Sex mit einem Krokodil hat? Einen Emulgator! 🤣 🤣 🤣

I had totally underestimated the first weekend of March. It’s a long weekend, yes, but I had not expected all of the South West to be fully booked. So, with the help of the Albany Tourist info we found a place near Walpole, about 13k north, called Crystal Meth Homestead. Crystal Springs Homestead, sorry. 😁 The Rangers Cabin. Uh oh. Turned out to be a typical 70s cabin, not too charming. Clean, yes, but desperately in need of a makeover. The biggest disappointment was that there were no rangers! I had been looking forward to an evening of playing ‚Hello Sailor‘ with a bunch of butch Aussie blokes. 😔 😢 🤣

Walpole NP is great, wonderful forest and magnificent coastline. We walked around Conspicuous Cliffs and many other bits and pieces, also from Mt Clare to Thompsons Cove and back, nice workout, lovely scenery and Emus on the road. They were more afraid of us than we were of them, fortunately. 😊 For ten minutes or so we also walked through a forest of giant penises, so if they ever decide to shoot another Flesh Gordon sequel, this is where they should film it. 😁

After two nights we decided to fuck the Rangers Cabin (but unfortunately not the Rangers), bite the bullet and drive up to Pemberton. That meant paying double for two nights, since we’d booked for four nights in Walpole originally, but hey, fuck the money. Turned out to be a great decision – Pemberton and surroundings was very, very good to us.