Australia 2019, more piggely pictures

2019-03-16 Aus Von christiankohl

In order:

  • Warren River
  • Scones at the Holy Smoke Cafe, Pemberton
  • Breakfast for Champions with the most delicious Strawberries, therefore with a capital S, from vagina-flashing Handasydes
  • 28s attack on our balcony at Rainbow Trail Chalet #4
  • Crystal Meth Pukeko (or whatever they’re called in Oz)
  • Some coastline, some beaches, eh?
  • Spider alarm!
  • Skink
  • Emus on the trail to Thompson’s Cove, Walpole NP
  • Giant Penis forest, Walpole NP
  • Emu family on the lawn in front of Rainbow Trail Chalet
  • Beautiful orange fungus in Warren River NP
  • Kookaburra and one magpie, also around Rainbow Trail Chalets