Die PARTEI hat immer Recht

2019-05-27 Aus Von christiankohl

Of course I’m happy about our great victory at the European elections. And of course it is great to see SPD and CDU lose so much.
But let’s not forget a few key things:

  1. The future is decided by old farts, at least in Germany. Strength in numbers, to borrow the Warriors motto, is unfortunately with the elderly. The 60+ outnumber the younger generation and they don’t give a fuck about the future. They never did, even when they were young. They’re only concern always was to line their pockets and the expense of future generations, it’s been like this since the 70s. So, no matter what the young people want, it does not matter. Sure, the CDU and SPD will have some figleaf climate change positions in the future. That is called appeasement and it will work just as well as Neville Chamberlains legendary foreign policy back then. (which means „not at all“ for the younger generation 😉 ) They will carry on as usual and nothing will change.
  2. The only real change cannot be brought about by elections. And not by non-violent protests either. It will need a violent mass uprising, a cultural revolution of sorts. 
  3. Germany is still firmly in the grip of extreme right wing parties. Looking at the combined result of CDU, CSU, FDP and AfD. And in East Germany, AfD has the majority and this will continue to grow. So yes, another reason to BUILD THE WALL! 
  4. Even if the Greens had a majority, not much would change. You’re asking why? Because: a) The Greens are very much like the CDU/CSU these days and lots of them are the same reactionary bourgeois elements, just with a fresher color. b) The system will not allow for it to be changed. The global system exists to maximize profts and to shift value to very few people. These people will not give up without a fight and they will not give up their „free resource Earth“ that has allowed them to reap these profits over all those years.
  5. The right has the weapons, the police, the military. And a large part of the justice system as well.
Conclusio: There is no way to win. Manchmal verliert man, manchmal gewinnen die anderen. Sure, in 20 years time, when things start falling apart for real, people will realize what they’ve done. But by then the old farts will be dead and it will be too late to stop anything.
p.s.: And no, there is to technological way out here, so spare me your bullshit American techno-optimism.