Last time to see me before I die

2019-10-22 Aus Von christiankohl
Well. Went to see John Cleese at the Admiralspalast the other day. Well. Not really the other day, more like four weeks ago. But with Frankfurt bookfair looming, may I be excused for not posting in a timely manner? Please. I’ll be a good boy.
So, John Cleese. Well. Hmmm. I thought the performance lacked a bit of punch and certainly lacked originality. Lots of video snippets from the good old days. Don’t get me wrong, they were great, but I can watch them at home just as well. Actually, some of the best minutes of the show was the part when the teleprompters broke down and some improvisation had to happen.
So, yes, although I find it extremely hard to say, I was disappointed. A little bit. Not angry, not terrible. But a little bit disappointed. Still mad love and all that though. Peace out.