2020-09-02 Aus Von christiankohl

 I’m always shocked whenever I see a business like a band, cafe, restaurant using facebook as their only web presence. It’s so sad. Why do you do this? Why can’t you at least have a single HTML page with opening hours and contact data? And why facebook?

That’s embarassing and since I consider it my civic duty not to deal with fascists I’m blocking facebook (plus subsidiaries like instagram, what’s app …) on all levels, firewall, browser. So I’ll take my business elsewhere, thank’s for nothing.

But do you actually reflect what you are doing? Having a presence on a tool run by fascists for fascist purposes is bad enough, but making that you’re only presence? Not good.

The same goes for buying music in digital format. I prefer vinyl with download code. In absence of that, mp3 or flac. I want to buy music, no subscription spotify ripoff bullshit. But it’s more and more impossible, I’m not using google, amazon, apple and there are few alternatives. A lot of bands aren’t on Bandcamp (why???), Level7Digital also doesn’t have the greatest catalogue. And that’s it already. Why are you giving in so easily to the silicon valley dictates and throw away the potential to make some real revenue instead of lousy pennies handed down from some streaming service that rips off artists and users alike?

Fuck y’all.