It’s coming home, it’s coming home …

2021-06-09 Aus Von christiankohl

… Covid’s coming home. That should be the anthem of this year’s European Championship tournament.

There is no pandemic. At least not when it comes to soccer. Well, that is what our minister of the interior, Heinrich Himmler, sorry, Horst Seehofer, has announced yesterday. For the upcoming European Championships, all quarantine requirements etc. are waived. And not just for the players, basically for everyone remotely involved with the event. Hahahahahaha. That’s great. Especially given that even the heavily monitored teams are already reporting positive Covid-19 cases left and right. So it’s a great idea by „The FĂĽhrer“ – let’s spread that shit again for real. Kill them all! Kill them all! Kill them all!

My personal takeaway: 

  1. It’s stupid to hold such an event in the first place. But it’s big money, so it happens. But I haven’t followed previous ones and I won’t follow this one. Just hope that the German team fucks up. 
  2. This is a really good way to lose any remaining trust that people might still place into government. I mean, why would I stick to any of their rules and regulations, if they are just waived like that for a useless sports event? Fuck you, right in the ear.
  3. I would really appreciate it if some asteroid put humanity out of its misery for good. Wipe the slate clean. And let’s hope evolution takes a different path next time. I’d rather see quokkas rule the planet. QUOKKAS! Go for it, furry friends! 🙂
Just to wrap it up, what I really hope to see – always end on a positive note:
  1. I want every player and official to catch Covid-19 at the European Championship tournament.
  2. I want the German team to lose 8:0 to the Netherlands. 🙂 🙂 🙂
The same holds for the stupid fucking Copa America of course. It’s just in another neighbourhood and even worse.