Maybe it’s not coming home, after all?

2021-06-18 Aus Von christiankohl

 While the British government has recently announced that they will delay further easing of Covid-19 related restrictions because the delta-variant that‘ spreading rapidly, UEFA still lives on a different planet.

They are now blackmailing the English gov’t to make special allowances for ca. 2500 VIP guests for the semifinal and final in Wembley, to exempt them from quarantine and other measures. If the gov’t does not comply, they will move the final to the great democratic country of Hungary, Budapest.

Isn’t that great? So, two things. 

1) I wish that all the UEFA decision makers, VIP guests, and executive members develop a disgusting rash in their genital regions that burns all summer. Plus they should really catch Covid, maybe that will cure their ignorance. But these guys are probably vaccinated since December last year already.

2) Great Britain is a nuclear power. No more Empire, but you still have nukes. So use them please. Nuke UEFA the fuck out! I’ll donate some money to the clean up afterwards, but on overall it would be better for humanity if these fuckers were just wiped out. NUKE EM OUT! NUKE EM ALL!