No shit, I finally did it

No shit, I finally did it

2021-12-10 Aus Von christiankohl

Yeah, I’ve now eliminated the last piece of G**gle from my life. Moved this good old blog from Blo**ot to my own webspace. Which turned out to be much easier than I’d feared. WordPress has a built-in importer for Blo**ot, worked like a charm. I think. Frankly, I’m not going to go look at all the old posts, there might be issues or there might not. Also, I’m not monetizing this in any way, so I don’t give a fuck about SEO and other such bullshit. Up your’s.

So, this is still work in progress, won’t have time to tidy up things until xmas or so.

Should you happen to know a wordpress theme that has a better Archive widget than all of the 1000s I’ve seen so far, let me know. Comments are disabled because of GDPR of course. 😀 No really, both the „categories“ and the „archive“ widgets“ suck, because they can’t be set to display only the first x entries, especially annoying for the archive that there is no „see more“ option available. Well, enjoy it on mobile I guess. :rofl:

Other than that, will post more about the La Gomera trip this weekend. Ich schwöre.