La Gomera Food

La Gomera Food

2021-12-15 Aus Von christiankohl

Well, who gives a shit about continuity anyway? Might as well start with the most important thing – food. 🙂

Short summary: Very good. Long form: While I always appreciate local cuisine, it can be hard to find delicious stuff for vegetarians in some places. If you like dead animals, especially fish, then no worries. Excellent quality everywhere. But in some of the more remote, non-touristy places you’ll be eating potatoes with mojo. Which is not bad per se, but can get repetitive after a few days. 😉 Also, when ordering a salad, always make sure that it is vegetarian, they really like to put tuna on everything. But all in all, mostly delicious, with one „low“, a few „averages“ and a real highlight. Let’s forget about the „lows“ and focus on the highlight: Hotel Escuela Rural Casa de los Herrera. Killer! I’d booked one night at this restaurant, we got there late in the afternoon after the longest leg of our tour. First of all, super pleasantly surprised by the hotel: Wonderful rooms, very quiet, comfortable, and very helpful and friendly staff, too. I did not even know they had a restaurant but was quite glad that they could book us in on short notice. I later found out that they only have a few tables and are only open Fri/Sat nights, so book ahead! We were very lucky to get that table. So, after a quick shower down to the dining room … I still did not have great expectations and was prepared for another round of queso frito, potatoes, and mojo. Turns out, I was so wrong. And in a good way. Seven course meal, optional vegetarian, incl. non-alcoholic drinks for 40€. (50€ with wine) And the food was outstanding! Holy shit, what a pleasant surprise, definitely the best food on La Gomera. Btw, way to cheap, if you ask me, they could and should easily charge 10-20€ more per person. But that’s not my problem – as I said, outstandingly delicious food, including two desserts and wonderful service. If you are on La Gomera don’t forget to dine there and please tip generously – they really deserve it! They also serve breakfast for hotel guests, one of the best hotel breakfasts I’ve ever had – again, a multi course affair, not stupid buffets! 🙂 Wonderful. I would say it’s even worth taking the ferry from Tenerife just to dine here.

Apart from this wonderful place, what also stood out was Restaurante Los Atlanticos in San Sebastian de la Gomera. Also nice: ágApe Bistro (but not for dinner), La Salamandra (food was good, but service was struggling), they also do great ice-cream 🙂 , Breads and Sweets (all in San Sebastian de la Gomera). (Bad: a lot of place in La Gomera only have facebook websites 🙁 🙁 🙁 .) Also simple, but decent food at Hotel Sonia in Chipude. There’s lots of place in Valle Gran Rey of course but they were all closed. I cannot recommend the restaurant at the Parador de la Gomera hotel, the food was overpriced and can’t compete with some of the other restaurants we visited.

The German bakery in VGR has nice stuff, as do some of the dulcerias in San Sebastian. Also good for sweet stuff: Lucia Cosas de Verdad in Vallehermoso and Pan Caliente in Los Christianos, Tenerife – best place for breakfast after the early ferry! 🙂