Section 05: Vallehermoso – Arure

2021-12-24 Aus Von christiankohl

We had originally planned this as a slightly longer segment, with a descent from Epina to Alojera and then back up to Arure. But the Reisebegleitung was not feeling too well, so we cut this part and walked straight through the parque nacional to Arure, saving us a few km and lots of descent/ascent. It was still a very nice stretch, with lots of forest and a nice break with a view in Epina.

I had planned to stay three nights in Arure and use it as a base for trips to the national park and to Taguluche. But the accommodation in Arure sucked. The bed was too short and the mattress was too old – sleeping on the floor would have been better, if not for the cold – we had a truly miserable night, no sleep. Also, the room was right on the main street, there was no place to sit anywhere outside. In addition to that, there is only one restaurant/bistro in town, which was not really mindblowing. Not bad per se, but not great either. Plus, no wifi, you literally had to stand in the middle of the street to get a signal. So, in the morning, I did just that, risked my life in the street 😀 and booked two nights in VGR. Fuck money, if I can sleep and eat well, that is more important than paying double for two nights.