Morning New Disease

Morning New Disease

2022-03-01 Aus Von christiankohl

Sometimes, it’s easier to find a quote than trying to describe things with your own words … . So, fucking Sars-Cov-2 finally caught up with me, despite all precautions. Fuck you, government, for not protecting me sufficiently. Anyway, I had all three shots, am relatively fit and healthy, and it still hit me like a truck. Like a truck that after running me over reversed and ran me over again, to be precise. Knocked me out flat a couple of days, I’ve never consumed so much ibuprofen in my whole life. If this it what it (it=probably B.1.1.529 aka ‚Omicron‘) feels like vaccinated, I’m glad that I did not encounter any of the other variants unvaccinated. Holy shit. Guess I’ll find out in the next weeks whether there’s any long term damage. Another thing is that going five nights without sleep definitely makes you feel high … and extremely foggy. Actually, I have huge memory gaps of these days, kinda like a palimpsest, but without alcohol. Well, since I was isolated the whole time I hope I did not do anything stupid. 😀 😆

Anyway, I could probably write lots of chapters here, but I’ll let this speak for me :

I am dreaming of a life and it’s not the life that’s mine
In a stolen car, I rocket west, out past that Jersey line
And the robots in their riot gear glimmer in my rear view mirror
Love came like an axe and had her way with this coarse earth
And a rich deserving book, she was recovered and understood and I awoke

„Morning New Disease“ in Jets to Brazil: Orange Rhyming Dictionary, 1998.

Ah yeah, there’s also this other thing, I’m terribly sorry for it. Good old Vladimir used my temporary absence to invade Ukraine. Sorrrrrryyyyy!!! But shows again that we really need the Avengers initiative, it’s too much for me to cover as the lone superhero. Avengers assemble!