Lufthansa – lying and cheating bastards, as usual

2022-07-07 Aus Von christiankohl

It’s no secret that I despise Lufthansa. They are the scum of the Earth. Yesterday, they pulled off another masterpiece of spitting your customer in the face.

They sent me an email claiming that they have been trying to reach me but couldn’t, asking me to call them back because there is an issue with an upcoming flight.

First of all, they did not try to call me. My phone did not ring, does not show anything.

Second, it’s impossible to call them back and they know it. Because they’ve fucked up so bad half of Germany is trying to reach them at the moment. This will not get better.

So the outcome is: There’s an issue with my flight, it cannot be addressed online, I cannot reach them. Issue can’t be resolved. Lufthansa takes the money, we get nothing in return. Smart way to earn a profit, another bonus for the C-level coming up for sure. Fucking bunch of fraudsters and rip-offs, I hope you catch a nice STD on your next corporate retreat.