Vegetarian Food in Portugal

Vegetarian Food in Portugal

2022-12-06 Aus Von christiankohl

The last few times I was in Portugal, it was quite challenging to find delicious vegetarian or vegan food. Granted, you will always get some kind of arroz com legumos or a really crappy pizza, that tastes absolutely bland, but at least fills your stomach. But it’s not tasty and is not really nice a couple of days in a row. This time is different. Dunno why, but in the middle of nowhere in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Alentejo, there is plenty of high quality, Portuguese (!) veggie options. My highlights: Patio Alentejano (Rua do Pinhal No 4, Vila Nova de Milfontes), cozy place, excellent value for money. Adega 22 (Rua Doutor Duarte Silva N.22 A, Vila Nova de Milfontes), a bit more upmarket, but still very good. And last but certainly not least: Jardineiro do Rei! It’s on the other side of the river, in the forest, surrounded by nature. They only do one menu (vegan), seven courses, wine is optional. And it’s fantastic, I was totally surprised to find such a great place in the middle of nowhere. Fantastic food, very creative!

And while I’m at it: Gelateria & Croissanteria Mabi – fantastic ice cream. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Seven +x fantastic courses at Jardineiro do Rei:

Aubergine-„Steak“ at Adega 22: