09 Odeceixe – Zambujeira do Mar

2023-12-27 Aus Von christiankohl

Leaving Odeceixe requires walking along a few km of road again, but fortunately there’s no traffic here – at least not in November as the road ends in a dead end at the northern side of the beach. I can imagine this being different during main season. It’s still a nice walk with the river to your left and you soon hit the wonderful beach again. A short climb up the cliff to your right will deliver even better views. 😊

There’s not much between Odeceixe and Zambujeira do Mar, only kilometers of beautiful coastline and deserted beaches. So quite close to paradise, really. It’s a relatively long stretch, so take plenty of water and food, don’t rely on finding anything along the way. (There was a pastelaria in a small village along the way, not sure about their opening hours though.

Zambujeira is a very quiet and relaxed village, our last rest day and what a great choice that was. I’m simply the best. Have to say it. First off, wonderful beaches and cliffs, as usual. 😂 Second, we were so lucky and got to stay in one of the nicest B&B’s we’ve ever seen! ‚White Rose‘ boutique accommodation is the name of the game. Opened only beginning of the year (2023),everything is not only brand new, well maintained, and of great quality, it’s also thoughtfully and well designed. We were super impressed. Wonderful room with a large glass front and balcony facing the ocean, quiet, comfortable, clean, and spacious. Plus a wonderful host, congratulations to having created this wonderful place, Sandra! Last but not least, the other ‚B‘ – breakfast. I usually never do breakfast at hotels, because I’m left disappointed 99% of the time. Not here. Almost as if I had designed this menu 😂 – great bread, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, oats, cheese, olive oil, cake, fresh juices,… The list goes on, all very good quality, hardly any processed stuff, fantastic.