2007-01-10 Aus Von christiankohl

I have to correct something I posted yesterday: While „wh“ is usually pronounced „f“ in NZ this is not the case for Whanganui. Here, the local Maori dialect is a bit different, hence Whanganui is pronounced with an aspirated ‚wh‘. Enjoy.

Wanganui itself is a small city, well worth spending a day or two in. Tonight I’ll walk up to Virginia Lake which is supposed to be quite nice when illuminated after dark. Tomorrow I’ll pretend to be interested in local culture and tour up the lower end of the river before I’m off to Wellington on Friday.

Since I’m travelling alone things have become a bit more expensive and complicated and I’ll probably have to resort to renting a car more often. Nevermind. To serve and protect.

What bothers me about Wanganui is all the churches and Christian bullshit around town (I never said I was tolerant). Sort of disgusting, I fucking hate them religious people. On the other hand, good to see that they have such a presence in so small a town. That at least diverts their energies from showing up in all the other nice places. Wanganui city is of historical importance to NZ as well and has recently been the site where „River Queen“ was filmed, but you can read all of this up on the Internet. Meow and thanks for all the fish.