Good Onion!

2007-01-19 Aus Von christiankohl

Ok, das ist nun mehr ein Insider und der einzige, der weiss, was gemeint ist, liest das hier nicht. Nevermind. Just listen too some Aussies and you might just know what I mean.

Today I went hiking in the Kahurangi National Park, I walked up Mount Arthur and the Lodestone Track, which has pretty hardcore in that combination. But it was worth it, since a) the walk itself is really nice and leads through beautiful changing scenery, b) the view from the summits are brilliant, and c) I had to get some exercise. Thus the male ego was satisfied as well. 🙂 To get to Mt Arthur car park (that’s the start of the track) I had to do the dirty thing again. Man, I’m already used to driving on the wrong side by now. That sucks. Die Fahrt zum Start des Tracks war schwieriger als der Track selbst: 11km steile, kurvige gravel road, musste die Automatik staendig manuell in den ersten Gang schalten, damit die Bremsen nicht voellig abrauchen. Aber Maenner fahren ja gerne Auto. Dafuer war das Wetter umso geiler. Apparently that old fart Saruman didn’t suffer from any indigestion (i.e. hatte guten Stuhlgang) today because for once he didn’t conjure any bad wheather for my mountain hike. Thanks, Saru. Das Wetter war also geil, Sonne und so, therefore I have to modify my formula:

Let P(Aw) be the likelihood of rainfall in a given area A. Let further be R the average amount of rainfall in A and let v be the standard devation to R. I already introduced C := the presence of me, myself, and I within A and claimed hitherto that Iff C then P(Aw) = 1. (Kohl 2007) Further research of mine has shown that I omitted an important factor: Let I(S) be Saruman’s (in)digestion. I(S) is binary, so it’s either 1 (guter Stuhlgang) or 0 (indigestion). Now, iff I(S) = 0 && iff C then P(Aw)=1. Iff I(S) = 1 && iff C then P(Aw)=0.5 (with a standard deviation of 0.1). I take the liberty to omit the other two possible scenarios concerning not C since they don’t interest me at all.

Apart from that, I have to add two more items re Hat Trick Lodge: Die Kueche koennte echt sauberer sein und das Zimmer ist recht laut, da hellhoerig. Wir Doitsche muessen halt immer meckern. Morgen geht es nach Nelson, die letzten beiden Tage brechen an. Schluchz. ich will nicht zurueck!