Hot pics of my sausage

2010-02-22 Aus Von christiankohl

I’ll be posting pics of my sausage later on, so stay tuned. Another sunny day in Dunedin, 29 degrees and no cloud in the sky. Pretty unusual for this city actually. Been down to the beach twice today and I have some hot pics coming up from there as well.

But first, my sausage:

Early morning view from the top of the Hump Ridge, no sausages, but free porridge:
Kea, with funny haircut and in flight:
Bad breath?

Sunset on St. Kilda beach, great time for surfing …

Sunset over Dunedin.

That’s it for today. One last thing. Went to the post office this morning and there it was – my driving fucking license. Unbelievable. I nearly fainted. I now finally have my license … and we’ll be returning the car tomorrow morning. Still a very good onion I think. We are staying at a place called Hogwartz, which is highly recommendable. Very charming (although a bit potterthemed) clean, two dogs, towels, and friendly hosts. Tomorrow we’ll go hunting some rare animals and I’m gonna shoot us some decent meat for dinner. Back home in Alabama hunting species to extinction is not really frowned upon, if you catch my meaning. Oh no, it’s starting again. Jen, what have you done, I used to be such a nice guy!

good night and thanks for all the fish.