2010-06-07 Aus Von christiankohl

Why do you always have to leave when you’ve just settled in?

I’ve finally found a place in SF where you can get decent tea and cake. It’s called Leland Tea Company:

Apart from that, I still think that downtown SF sucks. And it stinks of piss everywhere. Golden Gate Park is nice, though very American – I mean, why do you have to build like 5 highways through the park? Nevermind, I went to the Botanical Garden and chilled out in the sun for two hours – under rata and pohutukawa trees in blossom. They also had rimus and a whole lot of other NZ specimens, very funny indeed, but it felt like holiday … .

Went to Berkeley in the afternoon and I did like the campus. Apart from that, it’s mostly about packing up now and getting to the airport. BA cabin personnel is still on strike but my flight hasn’t been cancelled, so all is well. Sleeping pill, here I come.