Make no mistakes …

2011-10-24 Aus Von christiankohl

… I wasn’t on holiday. It was the so-called better half using my email-to-blogpost account.
All I get to do is travel to the US for four days just in time to miss the Rugby World Cup final. Just great. At least the All Blacks won and all is well. 🙂 I’m on a horror trip. Got into Philly around 9pm Saturday night. Strolled round the city on Sunday, had breakfast at Max Brenner and a delicious lunch at Barbuzzo’s. Today it’s an early red-eye to Boston for two-and-a-half meetings, then back to Philly in the evening. The flight is with US Airways, disgusting economy class. My neck will hurt as hell afterwards. On Tuesday it the RSuite Conference for which I originally came to Philly. Wednesday morning will feature a red-eye train ride to BWI and then a cab to the Uni of Maryland campus for a 90 minute meeting, then take the train back to Philly, straight to the airport, overnight flight via Heathrow to Berlin. Fuck. I will be so grumpy on Thursday.
But, I have to say, Philly is a nice city. 🙂