Tanmaster is back

2012-01-30 Aus Von christiankohl

One of the nicest thing of each holiday is always then first night’s sleep. Having ruined my back and neck (is this cockney for what?) in 646 hours of economy seats, it is so fucking blissful to fall into bed and sleep for twleve hours straight. It’s even better to wake up to brilliant sunlight and the sound of waves rolling ashore. For we are in Plimmerton, in one of the nicest hostels in NZ, Moana Lodge. And we do have a room with seaview. Yeah, how about that. I heard there’s snow and ice in Germany. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well, Wellington is windy as usual, but a perfect day today. We went to Otari-Wilson’s Bush and stretched our legs a bit. On the way back I bought a shirt at a hunting and fishing store, this will raise my already overwhelming levels of testosterone even more. Wellington Police had their hands full keeping the crowds at bay and I had to sign shirts and posters (and breasts) for nearly two hours. Exhausting but worth it – you have to be there for your fans!

cheers, now going to watch one of those spectacular west coast sunsets!