2012-02-04 Aus Von christiankohl

But warm. And not real rain. Just a drizzle. It’s gonna clear up any minute. ANY MINUTE. I’m sure. Everybody’s sure of that. Has been sure for the past three days. The only thing I’m sure of is that it will indeed clean up after we’ve left tomorrow and that the clouds will follow me to Napier. Because they too love me. I’m a raingod after all.

Since I’m so incredibly butch and such a great manly bloke I did not let the rain keep me from exploring the mountain. Didn’t go up to the top because that would have been stupid. The forest is truly amazing! Brings out all the hippie genes in me. But only for a millisecond. Gotta finish up now, have to clean my rifle and go rabbit and possum hunting. Kill a couple of God’s creatures, just for fun.