Broken Promises

2017-10-18 Aus Von christiankohl

So sorry. Tremendously sorry. Have broken my promise to blog more often again. But trying to make up for it now that the rainy season approaches. It’s just that, ah, nevermind. So, last night we had quite a fantastic dinner at „Richard“ (Köpenickerstr. 174, Kreuzberg). There’s so many things I liked about it, they would never fit into a twitter feed. I’m not a twat, don’t tweet, and have no limits here. The room, very nice, high ceilings, good light … the service, attentive but unobtrusive at the same time … the menu, well balanced and so happy to see that they offer a vegetarian menu by default, not just on request … and the food of course, the food. THE FOOD. Excellent doesn’t do it justice, outstanding is the right term, I guess. My special favorite was the butternut pumpking with passionfruit and topinambur and the parmesan pasta with egg yolk, mangold, and zucchini. Outstanding. Also the cheese selection, outstanding! 🙂 Didn’t have breakfast this morning because I didn’t want to spoil the aftertaste. Wonderful place.