2 Observations

2019-03-24 Aus Von christiankohl

1) RIP Rafi Eitan. Thank you for hunting down Eichmann (and probably others we don’t know about). We’d desperately need more of you in these times, there’s plenty of successors in Germany alone. Thank you for cleaning up what Germany has failed to clean up since 1945.

2) Entirely unrelated: „Upload filters“. No, the Internet is not under threat. The Internet is a threat. To the tens of thounsands protesting this: How stupid can you be? Don’t you realize that you’re just playing to the big Silicon Valley companies‘ tune? They are profitable only because (and as long) there is „free“ content out there. And instead of creating it themselves or helping people to create, they simply enable stealing. To be quite clear: If you are running a platform, you are responsible what happens on it. If I own an exhibition hall and allow counterfeit good to be traded on my floor, I’m responsible. If I own a stage and allow nazis to perform on that stage, I’m responsible. And the same goes vor virtual platforms. It’s called the „rule of law“, not censorship. From a philosophical point of view, you are making a categorical mistake. Well, at least your not missing school for your stupid demonstration. 😉