‚Nam and back

2013-05-02 Aus Von christiankohl

When I fought in Vietnam in the seventies, I really believed in freedom, democracy, and most importantly, our Nation. These days, looking at what our Great Nation has become makes me sad and angry. Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers everywhere, rules and regulations, taking away my freedom. Makes me really angry. Hulk angry. Hulk Smash!

Harhar. Well. We finally managed to find a piece of the big island where you were actually allowed to leave your car and hike. Unbelievable, let’s hope the lawyers don’t find out. Waipi’o Valley, very, very beautiful! Hiking on Maui is a little bit better, Haleakela kicks ass. Looking forward to Kauai tomorrow.

Still nearly no beaches though, best beach so far is Baldwin State Park in Paia. No resorts here. 🙂