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Section 08: Valle Gran Rey – Chipude

After two off-days in VGR we were back on the trail again, climbing roughly one k up to Chipude. We started relatively early, shortly after sunrise. Unless you want to really show how tough you are, I suggest that this is the best time of day to undertake this climb. You’re mostly in the shade,…

Von christiankohl 2021-12-30 Aus

Valle Gran Rey

VGR is kinda the touristy centre of the island. So if you are planning on doing any tours, „cruises“ etc., that’s where most of them depart. We didn’t need any of that, so cannot report on them. What I can say though is that there’s lots of nice food to be found here. 🙂 One…

Von christiankohl 2021-12-30 Aus

Section 05: Vallehermoso – Arure

We had originally planned this as a slightly longer segment, with a descent from Epina to Alojera and then back up to Arure. But the Reisebegleitung was not feeling too well, so we cut this part and walked straight through the parque nacional to Arure, saving us a few km and lots of descent/ascent. It…

Von christiankohl 2021-12-24 Aus