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Australia 2019, more piggely pictures

In order: Warren River Scones at the Holy Smoke Cafe, Pemberton Breakfast for Champions with the most delicious Strawberries, therefore with a capital S, from vagina-flashing Handasydes 28s attack on our balcony at Rainbow Trail Chalet #4 Crystal Meth Pukeko (or whatever they’re called in Oz) Some coastline, some beaches, eh? Spider alarm! Skink Emus…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-16 Aus

Australia 2019, some piggely pictures

In order: Climbing the Gloucester and Dave Evans Bicentennial trees Pancake at Lavender and Berry Farm. Pemberton A brilliant example of Aussie culture 😀 Thai dinner in Busselton Climbing at Wilyabrup Cliff Korean lunch in MR Simmos Ice Cream „The Windows“ at Pt D’Entrecasteaux

Von christiankohl 2019-03-16 Aus

Australia 2019, part VII

Everybody knows I love birds, especially parrots. So Pemberton especially was quite the paradise for me. Plus cute roos and emus for the Reisebegleitung, what more could you wish for? Well, maybe an obligatory trip to a lighthouse, cuz that’s her other fetish. So we drove down to Pt. D’Entrecasteaux, which no Aussie can pronounce…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-16 Aus

Australia 2019, part VI

There was one good thing about the Rangers House – the grill. Fantastic! The bed on the other hand really sucked. After two nights on this mattress I’d have paid a fortune for a real bed. Otherwise, we only tested the bakery just outside Nornalup, the Tingles Bakehouse, and found good coffee, nice cakes, and…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-15 Aus

Australia 2019, part V

It’s way easier to write this on the phone. So I’ll write first and post pictures later, like in ten years. 😁 Was bekommt man, wenn ein Emu Sex mit einem Krokodil hat? Einen Emulgator! 🤣 🤣 🤣 I had totally underestimated the first weekend of March. It’s a long weekend, yes, but I had…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-14 Aus

Australia 2019, pt IV

Using Roman numerals in the headlines makes it so sophisticated, don’t you think? I do have an university degree, after all. Torndirrup NP was a blast! Wonderful walk from the car park to „Bald Head“ and back, mostly along the ridge of the „Isthmus“, with stunning views of the coastline and cliffs left and right.…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-10 Aus

Australia 2019, pt III

From Porungurup it’s only a short drive to the very different Stirling Range. Since this is the only place in WA with some real „mountains“, we had to go anyway. Lovely forests! Bluff Knoll is a must, not really long, but some nice elevation gain on the short stretch plus fantastic views from the top…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-10 Aus